TOTS 78 Just Arrived!

I ordered the TOTS H1 on last Friday and just came in today! So happy with this mask. Great sculpt! Of course, there are defects, I noticed the neck part was cut sloppily, and the weathering was a little blue, But great mask overall! Here are some pictures…
I have also worn the mask. Large, I’d say about a 24" 25".
Some lower light shots…
Sorry for the pics being sideways. Can anyone give me a quick tutorial on styling the hair? That would be great!

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You got a good copy, :smiley: :myers: :pumpkin:

Here’s how I did mine,


To start off I flapped the hair over and cement glued it to the TOTS glue/liquid latex line on the hair. I tried to not use so much hair. It pulls away from the top then bald spot may show. Unless you have more hair on hand that is close to this type to fill in the bald spots.Then your good.

I then wetted the hair down then ran some hair gel through the sides. Then painstakingly picked the hairs out and twisted them around into the formation of a horn. One by one. Sprayed down with hair spray then a little trimming here and there. Took me almost 3 hours to do.
I love ur hair style u did amazing job bro. Are u gonna repaint it ?