Tots eye prop

Anyone get one? Is it resin latex? I’m wondering if it’s something we can wear with costume or just for display purposes?

I don’t personally have one, but I have seen them in person.

It’s a latex appliance. You can either use liquid latex and apply it to your face, or if you really want to you can apply it to the inside of the mask. The eye lashes are a bit long and look ridiculous, so you will have to trim those back.

You will have to give it a better paint job for it to really look the best. At least a clear coat gloss over the eye itself to make it look more realistic.

I wonder if you can see through at all or of you would have to cut the actual eye out hmmm

Unfortunately I think it’s a solid piece, so you probably can’t see through it. I’m sure you could modify it to be able to though.

James couldn’t see through the real appliance, so it’s accurate to what he had, it’s easier to put inside the mask though

Weren’t there sculpture photos of the dead eye appliance floating around at one point? Can’t seem to track them down, now.

Also, if u cut the eye out, it’s almost pointless to even buy it. The point was to have a dead, more faded, white eye.

i got one, it’s latex. You can’t see through it.