TOTS Halloween 2018 Mask!

Mine came in the mail on Saturday. Going to be doing a unboxing and review of the mask along with a full costume test in different lightings. I think my copy is pretty damn good. I know there have been complaints of it being too yellow but mine has a nice mix of white and yellow for that aged look which is what he has in the movie. Not to mention lighting will play an effect on how the mask looks. What do you guys think?

I think it looks really good! love the photo, Mine comes in on Tuesday. I hope I get a good copy, if not then I will just repaint it but I would rather not.

Thanks! I’m sure you’ll get a good copy. TOTS catches a lot of flack for things like paint jobs but they’re all unique since they get painted by actual people and for 60 dollars it’s a good mass produced mask IMO.

I’m super excited, You are right for $60 I will take it even as a blank. Its not everyday you get a mask pulled from the master.