TOTS Halloween Kills Preorder

I was checking out the 2021 TOTS catalog and they list Halloween Kills preorder but no pics and you can’t preorder! What gives? Do/will they have anything for Kills?

They will, but there is no point pre ordering from them, Nightmare toys would be better

Or also consider Collectors Row to receive the Kills mask directly from the TOTS warehouse, as they always get their stock immediately and then ship out immediately. I haven’t preordered anything from TOTS since the 2018 mask came out because there’s really no need to do a preorder. The vendors will receive the masks first and you can just buy from them directly, instead of paying for a preorder and waiting 9 months later to get your purchase. This is what I have done and others have done now. But it’s solely on the customer how they wanna do it. If someone wants to send money now/soon and wait til August to get it, that’s their choice.

TOTS is also perhaps waiting on Universal to give them the go ahead to make an order available. Also, TOTS may be waiting on production details from Mexico because of the pandemic. There’s many factors to consider. Just hang out and wait :wink:


Yeah I was going to order from Collectors Row but was just wondering when TOTS will release the merchandise. Says preorder in catalog but nothing shown

You’d probably have to call or email their sales department. They perhaps could give you a timeline to keep an eye on as far as when the Kills merch line is actually viewable on their website. Could be tmw, could be months from now.

NEVER EVER EVER Pre-order from TOTS! EVER! Why are people so in rush? The mask won’t be out of stock, people should relax a bit and wait until it’s in stock :slight_smile: