*Update pg 8*ready for an affordable accurate RZ mask line?

Coming soon!! H1, H2, Exposed, and Clean versions.

how much will they be? :smiley:

Looks pretty good man. Is there any pics of the original sculpt? I love seeing the progress on things.

Pretty nice actually.

Affordable. We will see Accurate. Maybe But Quality? Hmmm? I guess we will see that when the time comes!


wow, can’t wait bro!!! :smiley:

ive been making masks for a few years, sold resurrection masks and “Mixter Sandman” H2 masks as well. A few members here own my work. Ive just never produced anything regulary. The quality will be there.

dude i can’t wait for this, got any price ideas yet? :smiley:

Heres a link to the first mask i ever made. Ive come a long way since then.


holy cow that was you? i remember that sooo well, o man, brings back memories! i’d like only just joined then bro! awesome! do you still sell them? :smiley:

im going to have several different versions and price points for each mask. Blanks, Economy, and Deluxe versions will be available. I am going to wait and see what the finished product looks like before I price them, but i gurantee they will be cheaper than everyone elses. So i would wait if youre think about buying an NAG or Buried and see what I have coming up. I hate high priced masks, i think its rediculous, which is the reason i got into mask making in the first place.

if thats a sculpt please widen the neck a little or is that the master ? and it looks very small too

yes, ive been pouring them all week actually lol. getting stocked up for halloween this year.

It may look small in the pic, but its quite large.

how much are they? seriousl that is a mask that has stuck in my head for years and i need to know, lol! :open_mouth:

have u looked into widening the neck some

yeah widen the neck for sure it would be a shame if that was the only error…only one i see now anyways

and maybe add a tiny bit of link to the neck as well

Awesome sculpt man.Im glad you are saying they will be reasonble.The most recent rz masks are really nice but $400 is a little much.There are people paying $350-$400 for a rz mask then turning around and spending 150 to 200 dollars for a rehair and repaint.I just cant force myself to do that.I really Cant wait to see this finished up man.Post one up when you get one complete man.

I agree.