Ways michael could have survived

How do you guys think Michael could have survived the end of H40?

broke out the window

In a Basement?

That window looked way too small and high up for him to reach, and there was nothing he could climb up to get there. I’m thinking that he had to have busted through where Laurie shot the floor at, climbed up and quickly fled out the back and to a river to stop the fire on him, (or at least on his mask, feet, and hands. Those workrite coveralls can be resistant to fire)

Iam sure Laurie had a Secret Escape path in the Basement … Micey sensed this with his Supernatural Evil Power and Escaped!

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You know Laurie had an escape hatch to get out, just in case she or other family members got trapped down there. There’s no way shes going to build that fort without an escape route down there in-case something went wrong.

The window was put in clear view for this very reason. This is why they don’t show Michael burn. I can almost be positive he escapes through the window and the house burns down. They think he’s dead in the ashes but he magically comes back to stalk. H41 coming soon