Wear mask or display only?

Hey guys,

I’m saving up for my first mask. Around the start of the year I plan on purchasing a “Creep.” I have some questions though.

I’m wondering what are some of the things to remember when taking care of a mask and some useful tips for taking care of it?

Also, is it better to just keep the mask as a display item or is it okay to wear them once in a while too?

Thanks in advance for the help.


First off,I gotta say a mask is meant to be worn.It’s a mask and she be used for it’s intended purpose.That said,they do spend the majority of their time displayed.

Some easy ones to care for the mask:

1.Keep them away from direct sunlight.I actually keep mine away from ANY direct light,including artificial lighting.
2.Wipe away any sweat on the inside if you wear them.Follow up by “powdering” the inside with corn starch.
3.Dust them off on occasion
4.Stuff them to hold their shape,especially thinner masks.I personally use shopping bags and many other members here do also.

Those are the main ones that come to mind for sure.

Good Luck and happy hunting!!!

It’s really up to you bro. I totally agree with Randy. Masks are made to be worn, but I am one of the rare one who never wears them. I keep my masks for display purposes only. That’s just me though. I have them on a mask stand stuffed with cotton fibers that you could obtain from any crafts store. Bottom line it’s all about personal preference. :smiley:

I’ve never worn a mask. (O.K., Maybe once or twice. :laughing: ) I like them on display more, but that’s just my personal preference. :laughing:


I Do Not wear any of My Masks. I Just Love to sit and look! :mrgreen: But I Constantly tend to them as I do wear them! Good Choice on a Creep! :drinkers:

I say wear em! Whats more fun? Looking at a mask that you scared many people with, or a mask that you could have scared many people with? :smiley:

Awesome thanks guys. I’m going to use those tip for taking care of my mask. And yeah, I don’t think I’m going to be able to not wear that mask. I’m going to scare the crap out of people with it! Can’t wait to finally order that Creep though, what an awesome mask. Going to start my collection off nice.


I totally agree Todd!!

I think Myerstat pretty much summed it up for you. I want to add, you can also powder them with baby powder, thats what I do. I prefer my masks displayed, stuffed with plastic bags to maintain shape, and on a mask stand. Paper towel stands should work just fine if you want to go the cheaper route.

I’ve always loved masks and will always wear masks unless they are rare ones. But the regular masks I have I tend to not be able pass by without wearing for a moment. How can you resist? :smiley:

Gotta wear them bro. I can’t help it. True they are on display for the most part,but even if it’s not Halloween I gotta throw them on from time to time.

I do not wear many of mine as I have a big noggin, but I always buy any mask with the intention of wearing it someday.

masks are masks, and therefore meant to be worn, though they do spend most of their time on display, though some masks I only wear when on Halloween, since they’re either painful to get on or the paint is chipping and every time I wear it I have to do some touch-up work afterwords.

with most masks on display more than worn.
It’s pretty safe to bust them out on occasion for maybe a Holiday or photo session.
Just be sure to dry them out & powder them up before returning them to it’s stand.