Weds. Pics of the Day!!!

Ok so it’s after midnight here in Illinois :drinkers: Post away!
The Shape.jpg
Spring Outdoor NAGAHG H78.JPG
Project Close Up.jpg

Hell Yea, It’s after Midnight here in “The D” as well. Took these while shooting The Four Horsemen:

Awesome guys :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Still not wed here with me barely 10:23 at night lol

Ask Kaizu what time it is in his part of the world… He still posted pics? lol (and awesome ones at that K! That glove is bad-ass brotha!) :axe:

Woo Scary Mask and Pictures Ron!
Great pics everyone my bass is coming in Thuresday boy I cant wait
. :rock:


ALWAYS loved that AHG Stardate, its the granddaddy of conversions.

Great shots everyone. :drinkers:

Charles Cyphers and the gang.

:rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:

Ronny, that mask is INCREDIBLE, I NEED IT!!!