What blank would you guys get to convert to an H2?

I’m leaning towards the Proto or Creep because to my eye they are both very similar. But I’m open to any suggestions as to what you’d think would make a better H2

It’s hard to beat an H2SM.

I had one and I didnt really like it as an H2. Its a fantastic H1 but the stretch of it just didn’t fit the look how I liked. I’ve seen a lot of others pull it off very well but…I didn’t.

How about a GCP Warlock?

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Mistype CGP Warlock

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I dont support CGP. After the incident…no way

I’m not aware of the incident. Can you fill me in?

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Theres sooooo many threads. Just search “Terry Lambert Jay Allan”
Also fwiw, I never really liked the Warlock that much. I owned one at one time, but I just never could get over how crappy of a person he is.

Can you still order a H2 creep from Justin?

Oh I didn’t know that whole thing was that guy. Yeah I don’t blame you for not wanting to support him.

I know you already shot it down but I really like the h2sm. Have you looked at the spookhouse h2?

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The Evil converted H2 style is great, but if you are trying to get a Warlock stretch, you will have to add foam into it to make it look right if your head shape is different

I saw that one a while back, it definitely looks pretty good. I just wish more people had a copy so that I could see the variety in the worn shots you know? Its still fairly new, but I think it may be in the running for sure. I know it seems like Im being picky, but Ive been on that solid H2 hunt for years. I love the DP 99s but they are too small for my head.

75K old mold


I said above that they are too small for me unfortunately.

My bad but yea I say then creep or h2sm are pretty nice too

Had an H2SM didnt like it as an H2, said that above as well. Creep may be a possibility but I havent seen many Creeps finished as an H2 by a good H2 artist.

Here’s Warlock himself wearing it

Yeah I saw those when Jimmy posted them on IG, those images alone didnt sell it for me. Im just waiting on more worn shots from people

ADR H2 and EMP2

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