What is going on…

With all these spam threads?

Yea something ain’t right. It’s BAD!

The site, that’s what

It’s disheartening. Puck, can you or another Mod delete these posts?

Sadly, it’s an issue beyond my control. I literally spent about half an hour earlier today deleting all the spam posts that were made over night. (From my phone, which makes it even more difficult) As soon as I deleted them all, and I’m not exaggerating, more spam posts were back in under a minute.

Unfortunately, as Moderators, all we can do is ban the accounts and delete the topics. (Which I’ll try to get to here shortly) The site administrator (Dawn) will have to have one of her technical specialists go on and try to figure this out. As of now, it’s kind of out of my allowance.

I feel bad, I know Dawn was having a hard time during the last weird security warning.

What I don’t understand is what these bots are trying to achieve by spamming on an old forum. It’s odd.

Can’t the admin just install a CAPTCHA extension or some other verification step to ensure users that a registering are actually human?

This is something I’ve actually thought of, but to my knowledge, isn’t an option a Mod can add. I’ll do some digging, though!

There are definitely CAPTCHA extensions available for phpBB but I suspect the admin would have to add it. Hopefully this turns out to be a promising option. Thanks for all you do.

Sorry guys, I just deleted an endless stream of spam threads and banned at least 10 usernames and IP’s myself just now. It’s literally a 24/7 battle. If you guys saw the amount we delete it would make your head spin.

Thanks, LG.

I’m still trying to figure out why these bots would even bother spamming a forum like this… it’s beyond my comprehension, I guess. Stupid.

Your guess is as good as mine Hedge. It’s incredibly annoying to say the least. It’s just non-stop anymore.

We try to keep up with it but it’s endless.