What Kind Of Mask Is This?

What kind of mask is this?

The Kreation X MichaeL mask. Same thing as the HSS Kirks.

What is Kreation X MichaeL mask? What is HSS Kirks? (picture together with explaining would be good).

its a Sam McCain sculpt that KreationX purchased 25 blanks i believe" and converted into H1 costume masks,heres mine but ive tweaked this copy myself for more H1 appeal.

What is is KreationX purchased 25 blanks mean?

You must be new to the hobby i guess so i’ll explain,KreationX is the name of the company that converts the mask from a blank to what you see here,a blank is exactly that an unconverted blank mask.i dont have any pics of the blanks at the moment to give you a better understanding but i hope ive helped you a little.

HSS, Stands for Horror Sanctum Studio’s( a company) In which a mask was created, A blank is a Captin kirk mask from which an old company back in the 70’s called Don Post studios created a mask from the t.v show Star Trek, John Carpenter had an fx man who worked for him, to go out a buy a mask for his horror movie. 2 masks were bought. The first mask was an emmet Kelly clown mask and a captin kirk mask which after being converted for the shape in John’s movie was used. so an indy company called Kreation X bought 25 kirk blanks from HSS to create there version of what the mask looks like in their eye’s. hope this explains a lil better…Dean