What mask is this?

What mask is this guys? It doesnt look half bad.

I think this is the same one. I really like this mask for the price.

don post 03 im pretty sure thats it

I agree with DP 03. That mask would make a great H5 with some conversion work :smiley:

TRUE THAT DUDE LOOK AT HOW THIS GUY MADE THE 03 INTO THE PART 5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEsAAjbgZP8

I bought one of the blank pulls (really looks as though it just had the hair ripped of). DON’T by one of them, the nose has a flaw in it… a sort of raised crease.

The full mask he offers doesn’t look like it has the flaw. Have a look at the Blank and see what I mean, you can see it in the photos. The seller seemed to think they were all the same.


the one in the second link looks cool and would make a nice h4 in my opinion! :slight_smile:

Good for that price, but i guess it needs to be rehaired since it looks like afrocurls to me :stuck_out_tongue: