What song is this?

In H1 when Annie and Laurie are in the car theres a song playing on the radio and Annie turns it off. On AMC they said it was John Carpenter and his band’s song. Does anyone know what song it is?

I believe the name of the song is _The Rockin’ King Of Sou_l.
It is definitely performed by the Coupe de Villes (Carpenter, Castle, and Wallace).

SHANNA SHANA SHALLA LA LA :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

_That song kills me, I always think of the cheeseball video they did for Big Trouble in Little China! :laughing:

Off the top of my head I don’t recall what the song name is, but I asked Tommy Lee Wallace this question at the MonsterMania convention when him and Nick were doing the Q&A, I’ll have to review my video recording of it. I was the guy in the front row asking about the music. I have the Coupe de Ville album but that song is not on it. . . :frowning: