What's that in the back ground...???


Watch this video and pause it, in back ground around 8 seconds thru 10 seconds…you can see the BIG 3; Halloween III masks and SKULLS! RED and GREEN 1976 Skulls! Yup, DPS is bringing back the Skulls baby! I heard that maybe a blue one will make it out too!

Keep watching the DPS Facebook for pictures!

PS- the Motel Hell Pig looks cool and so does the Pumpkinhead. Grab’n those bitches!

I wanted to retire from collecting! CRAP! :wink:

You’d think more videos would have surfaced by now of everything at the show. Thanks for the link, BK.

Wish I would have found it sooner but I really haven’t been looking. Me too, I thought PM would be going all out about these. I’m really, really surprised and disappointed about the publicity! :cry:

Thanks for showing buddy!
Really like the look of the PUMPKINHEAD mask too…just what Ive been looking for.

The show didn’t even end until earlier today and it wasn’t open to the public. That might explain the lack of coverage.


Did you check out all the vids on there YouTube Channel from the expo ? Very cool stuff !..Ty for posting

PM told me they were going to put up pics of their booth over the weekend so they could show what’s in-store; something must have happened.

Very cool and I’m loving that Pumpkinhead! I agree on the Motel Hell pig as well, I wouldn’t have noticed the skulls for staring at that thing had you not pointed them out.

So cool!! :drinkers:


Thanks for posting :sunglasses:**

Hell yeah! It looks like Don Post Studios has more great masks in their 2012 line-up along with the Halloween III re-releases, Green Skull, and Red Skull!

Here’s what I had my local costume shopkeeper to order for me who was in Houston for the trade show;

Trick or Treat Studios’ 2012 line-up

  1. Michael Myers Blood Tears (Lunatic)
  2. Syngenor
  3. Cousin Eerie
  4. Shadow Hills Demon
  5. Franken Fink (from previous line-up)

Don Post Studios

  1. Halloween III re-release set (not sure which Skull he ordered for me as I did not know that they were gonna include the Green Skull and Red Skull until just now)

I want all of the 3 Skulls now.

That Pumkpinhead looks AMAZING.

I want to see more of Don Post Studios’ line-up! Also, I’m not familiar with Motel Hell Pig?


I saw the H3 masks at the show and they looked very nice. Assuming that the production copies look like the masks at the show, I’ll be buying a set of the H3 masks and all of the Skulls. If I’m not mistaken there was a white, green glow and red version and they all looked really good.


Very cool.

This is gonna be a great year for us collectors as far as masks are concerned.
Between DPS and TOTS new line ups, we’re in for some real affordable classic treats. :sunglasses:

I couldn’t have said it any better myself. :rock:

Halloween is being just too good to us this year!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :rock: :rock: :rock:

This is gonna be a great year for us collectors as far as masks are concerned.

Hell Yeah!

Maybe a stupid question but are they available just as a set or each and do we have any idea on a price ? :smiley:

Love the green skull. I love h3 but never had any interest in owning the masks but I can say they have really grown on me. I,ll pick these up.