Where can I get coveralls for a Michael Myers costume?

Now I recently bought not one… But TWO coveralls. Both I’m disappointed because they’re WAY too BIG! :laughing: Anyone know of a place, preferably on the net, that’s safe and have legit weathering and sizes? I’m looking perhaps for two coveralls, one for an H6 costume and one for an H9 costume. Thanks in advance friends! :sunglasses:

They pop up here in classifieds often, or ebay. Also if you search here there lists of specific brands/style/colors for each film. But 2 save $, you could get measures of your chest & inseam and order direct from companies or any online work clothing/auto sites. Since you’ve already got 2 sets incorrect - get measures to get idea of which sizes. Then go somewhere that sells them, try on a similar size & style (even if color is wrong) and try on to see how fits/looks. Then go home and order online. As for weathering best bet to do yourself. Lot of good ideas from other members on this site. ex. you could actually shoot your coveralls or make fake holes. Use different sandpaper grits to ruff up spots and weather edges of collar,pockets,sleaves,etc. Put fake stains with fabric paints/dyes. Or get real stains. All with many series of ruff washings inbetween-by themselves/public machine. Then hang in sun for a bit. (basically beat the sh!t out of them) Like I said there is a lot of info on this site if you search in the different catagories. 3rd time is a charm! Goodluck & hope this helps!


alright 1999 my best friend had some big mac coveralls that he used to work on his cars with and they were pretty close to the ones in the 78 h1 so i would take em and use em for my costume for a few yrs then when i was done i d give them back well his dumbass lost em few yrs back and i was pissed cuz they were so perfect it wasnt even funny so i went to a goodwill shop and found even better ones for 20 bucks so do check thift stores u might come up with something its worth a try cuz coveralls brand new can get a lil pricey

I got my 3 pairs of eBay I have blue,green & grey so I guess I have it covered lol.

yes you do bobby :rock:

Theres a guy here in my home town that sets up shop to sell used work clothes every thursday. He has an abundance of coveralls in different sizes. Some are ragged with holes and some are very decent looking! At a VERY cheap price!