Where did all the SSN Curse masks go?

In my opinion the SSN Curse mask is the best H6 mask ever, how come almost no one has it, and why did they get rid of it? If you got one, post pics!
Here is mine, it turned yellow, so I just repainted it.

got to say, that looks an excellent mask, il have to keep my eye out for one of those myself.

You did a fantastic job on repainting that. :sunglasses:

The Curse will always be one of my favorites.

I still have mine…



Nice repaint, now just color in thoses eyebrows

I was just thinking of the posting the same question, I love the look of the Curse and have always kept an eye out for one.
I understand they’re bigger than most 6’s, around 24.5" is that correct? I’ve had a helluva time finding a six to fit my lumpy potato head.


Why? They are white in the film.

I have never seen a screen used with painted eyebrows either.
I believe it’s caused by the lighting and shadow :slight_smile:

I’ve always wondered, too, why people have painted their H6’s eyebrows brown.

if anything, I’d say they were simply painted a shade of grey to make them pop a bit more. that’s the way brad hardin has done all of the H6 masks he has released.

Possibility that could be true :slight_smile:

I love the curse mask,and your copy is great,love the repaint,I wish ssn would rerelease these,Its an amazing H6 mask for sure :slight_smile:

Where did a lot of masks go? I’ve been lookin for a six, origin - and that’s just H6. You don’t see many picture threads on several other masks either.
here’s my curse (crappy cellphone pic)

I have an Untamed mask. :slight_smile:

I’ll try to get some pics up within the next few days.

I really like this mask. If I can find one I can see this being something purchase wise I will keep my eye on for. I need some x-mas toys for myself if you will. :smiley:

found this thread looked and it was started on OCT 6 2010,so besides seeing a nice and rare mask was also wondering if anymore people owned one?