***Which side of the Myers mask?***

Which side of the H1 mask do you favor?

  • Left
  • Right
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This is quite the odd question, I’m sure, but it’s something that just popped into my head recently.

But, which side of the H1 mask do you like better, as far as eyecuts, features, and details?

The right?

The left?

Left FTW!

Just to be clear here, I’m not talking specifically about the mask I posted. I’m asking, in general, which side.

I like the left eye cut of the hero over the right one. So left is my vote.

Its the left side for me everytime,i feel the features are very defined from the leftside,the chin protrudes perfectly and other subtle things,very much less so on most masks from the right side.

I always liked the right side of the mask but the left eye cut.

I’ve always liked the left side of the mask. Two words come to mind when I see the left side. Closet scene. As anth0777 mentioned, the left sides features are more defined. I think these two pictures illustrate that…

It’s not an odd question at all, because the left and right side are different. I like the left side better.

Def. a left sider! I just love that corner nook! :rock:

Right side! :sunglasses:

I like both sides of the mask pretty much equally. A big reason I like the mask so much is all the subtle differences from side to side. The eye cuts, the ears, the flesh tones coming through, the hair line left by the removal of the sideburns etc.

The left side does it for me! Just something about it that gives that creepy look.

Yep, me too D and this shot was the EXACT image that came to mind.

Right side if I had to pick one - I love both. :drinkers:

I very much enjoy both sides, but if i had to choose one, it would be the below as it gives off a slightly meaner look

But i love the heck out of this side too as they are able to give off a nice morbid look.

But at the end of the day, i love it all.

Great shots and angles Paul,nice variety,and i agree with it giving off a slightly meaner look :rock:

I dig this side the most… more of an “on a mission” look, IMO!

To me it all depends wich mask I’m looking at. My H78 as to be from the right side, it has a great phone scene look to it. The creep has alot of great features on the left side. The psycho is great on both sides but I dig the right side more on this one :sunglasses:

Thanks a lot, Anthony. Nice looking shot, James.

That’s a tough call on the H1, I know on my Maniac the proper right side looks a bit more menacing.