Who might this be?

Who is wearing this? is this Chad?

Chad :slight_smile:

Well that SOB is now my ideol… I googled “Emmit Kelly Mask” and this pic is the first pic in that search category… I want that fuckers autograph now… lmao
I think it’s pretty cool.

Yeah, the details on that mask is sweet :mrgreen:

It’s actually a great pic// One that deserves that spot if you ask me…

I was just googling tonight some “Kirk” My**s mask, under images and it’s pretty sweet what shows up… I think that’s pretty awesome.

Yeah, a friend of mine googled my name once and wondered why all the white masks.lol

I know the feeling… I had won a contest a few years back for a "sideshow’ Jason figure in the FT13films.com and my name still show up for that… That was back in 05, even… My old Hertlein still shows up as well… It’s funny as hell.

always loved the chadster in that pic. Hey chad its been a while bro, your obviously working way too hard, how about some pics this century! :mrgreen: :stuck_out_tongue: Just kiddin bro thats a classic!