working on new coveralls(UPDATED PICS)

its been awhile since ive done some RZ coveralls and i have missed it, these are for raymond i hope he likes them so far this only a days work still got a ways to go but im really liking the look of these so far


those look really good man!!!

They are looking good man can’t wait to have em in hand when they are finished.

So far so good!!! I’ve got to get a pair of these that fit me one of these days. My screen used pair is huge on me and requires WAY to much rolling up in the sleeves and legs. Maybe if I threw in a pocket protector with my rolled up coveralls I could be Urkel Myers :laughing: I cant wait to see these complete in some costume shots Ray congrats!!!

Tim these are 54 talls there is no way they will fit me.

Very excellent.

Nice work Landon!

looks really awesome :rock:

Great job Landon :sunglasses: :rock:


Well then I’m looking forward to seeing how your life sized Myers turns out :rock:

Looking good so far… :smiley:

thanks guys!!

Great job! These are looking really good bro! I recently got a pair to work on myself hope they look as good as yours. :slight_smile:

updated pics at the top :rock:

Thought I would post an update as of December 6th.

We are almost there!

My wife & I both agree - we should have let YOU get my Carhartts & do them up. Excellent job :rock:


They’re looking really good, Landon. I wish I could do a pair, but I dont even know where to start!

there are alot of steps taken in making them look like this

These look really nice, MickIbanez is a lucky guy.