Hey Guy’s,just got my new score in,and boy have i waited some time for one of these,its the all time Great Nightowl 05 Psycho’ and boy oh boy where do i start with this piece,well lets Start with the Finish :mrgreen: its just stunning it really is,all the Grime all the Grunge Nice n Nastyyy just how i like em Justin really nailed the finish on these and they have terrific Details and the Hair is just pure H1 perfection nice n matted with nice whisps and twizzles with some great texture too,and the smell of this Guy’ woo hoo think 850BC with this thing :stuck_out_tongue: and i see why they are the Cream of the Crop in the Psycho world they pull a great H1 no question,its been a long wait but man has it been worth it for what ive ended up with,i’ll let the pics take over from here,thanks for looking and enjoy Guy’s :drinkers: :smiley:

that is a beeeeeeeautiful PSYCHO. i love the PSYCHO…LOVE IT!!! great pics Anthony. :drinkers: :rock: :mrgreen:


Awesome score, the paint, hair and overall look is outstanding, CONGRATS :rock:

Congrats dude! That’s got some nasty weathering on it. Love the hair.

Congrats Anthony on a fantastic score!!! That’s a beauty for sure :rock:

Congrats man…the 05 psychos are epic man!!!

Nice copy you snagged there, I have always been a fan of the 05 Psycho.


Awesome Psycho, one of these days I will own one of these bad boys…Dean

Saw this on FB, sweet score brother, man that’s a sick copy for sure brother. That hair is OOHH-TOO-NICE!!! Congratulations on owning this piece Anthony, thanks for sharing as well. …ANDY

Great score :rock:

I love me some 05 Psycho action! Just beautiful… congrats Ant! :supz:


Great shots Anthony!!! That thing looks like sex! I wouldn’t change a thing on it. Congrats brotha!!! :drinkers: :rock:

Fantastic score, congratulations :drinkers: Hopefully some day i’ll get my hands on an 05 psycho :unamused: -tom.


Looks KILLER, bro! Congrats!!! :drinkers:

Nice Anthony! The 05’s are head & shoulders above some of the later models & that one looks really nice.

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: WOW! FANTASTIC COPY! GREAT SCORE! Another Great addition to your already AWESOME Collection! :drinkers: Bob

That sure is a nice one :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: everything about that 05 copy is fantastic Congrats man!

Man I love those 05’s. Just beautiful son.

Nasty Psycho indeed :smiling_imp:
Glad you finally picked one up my good brotha!
Look at that dirt! Beautiful :drinkers:
Big congrats! :sunglasses: