Your thoughts so far... on TOTS 2018 KNIFE

Looks good, is it the flexible “soft” material like the H2 knife? Or is it a hard material?

I’m waiting for the new aluminum H1 knife to be released from TOTS

It’s out for preorder, $20

Thoughts? Off what? Some pre-order pics? C’mon

Some artists will be offering these soon. I cannot wait to get my hands on a decent replica for the outfit. I didn’t like it at first, but Michael proved that even with that, he was able to brutally wipe anyone in his path from existence.

Granted, I haven’t seen it in person…
but even the H2 poly/rubber knife looks pretty real from 3+ feet! Real enough for this day in age, where I’m nervous carrying it around!

Let alone that H1 that is up for preorder now, looks real enough for someone to react to it!

Cool, thanks. Actually just visited their site after commenting.

TOTS sure does love preorders, huh? I suppose it maximizes their profit, as they end up with very little or no stock. Good business idea actually, if the buyers commit. Actually it’s a GREAT business tactic for them, mostly. Frustrating for everyone else… like can’t I just order it online and get it in a week? Haha I still love TOTS.

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Thoughts? Off what? Some pre-order pics? C’mon
Ohhhh… you think im trying to make a bash/rant of this prop coming out by TOTS :?: :!: No, HELL NO… im really excited about it. Matter of fact i may purchase a 3 or 4 when they hit the market.

I was just excited about it along with all the other awesome stuff TOTS is releasing later this year. I just wanted to hear what everyone had to say about it and as to rather or not they are gonna pick one up and take a shot at converting it making it look realistic.

Huh? I just mean, I’d prefer people share their thoughts after it’s released and we can see some real pics? I’m excited too, I just don’t want to make judgements off of a stock Pic. Idk

I’m excited for these knifes also. I preordered a couple. I plan on preordering a couple of the h1 knifes also.

Dirtknap makes the best replicas in the game period. The fact these are molded from his knives speaks wonders. Not going to find any better

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Dirtknap makes the best replicas in the game period. The fact these are molded from his knives speaks wonders. Not going to find any better

I have seen his stuff and he has some serious talent in making props for sure. :myers:

Yeah I’ve owned countless replicas by JC but the quality of Dirtknap replicas is just a level above. And considering all TOTS offers now is foam it won’t even be a comparison!

New TOTS 78 Knife

Looks sweet to me!

I’ve got the actual knife. Wish I knew how to make copies for myself and others.

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Yep. I got a Dexter for display myself, but it’d be nice to be able to have a metal knife that’s con safe and can be taken out on the big night. And a Tim Miller designed knife for only $20, it’s really a real that can’t be beat!

It is made of hard plastic. a plastic blade and two seperate plastic handle pieces attached.

My lamson prop made by a Etsy Artist dont know the Name anymore :wink:

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