Hey guys I just got done painting my Myers house and i did it with a wood stain with Airbrush! And I weathered it by hand and tomorrow I’m putting the roof on!! So tell me what you think!!

that’s awesome! :slight_smile:

Oh wow, Thanks Mark!!!


Man thats cool amazing wow :axe:

nice!! i see you put a lot of time into making this, A+ :wink:

looks great…Dean

Thanks guys!!!

Very Cool!!!

Very cool bra’. Keep it up looks sick so far.

Very nice!!! Keep up the good work. Thanks for posting. …ANDY

Very very nice paint job!!! :rock:

Thanks guys!!!

Ahh looks sweet dude :drinkers:
Keep at it!

Thats really nice dude. but why does every one add in a walk in porch in the back in the replica houses, i thought the back dorr was out in the open (again yes i have to point it out, it bugging me)

The walk in porch was on the house at the time of filming. It was removed and left off when the house was sold and moved.

Looks great Max. Can’t wait to see it finished! :rock: :rock: :rock:

So cool!

But the door is in the wrong place, it would be better if it was moved to the front of the porch and not at the side of it.

Very true, but cant make that change now. And for others, I’m hopefully roofing it tonight!