1st New H1 score in…a long time! PIC HEAVY

Well, as some of you know - my original NAG/JC 75K has had it. A good friend of mine on this site sent me some PlastiDip to try and save it…it worked for a while, until I wore it last Halloween and could feel the eyes ripping. To say I was heartbroken would be an understatement.
But, thanks to the immensely talented Nik and JC - my heart is lifted again! I’ll start the pics with the original 75K to show its deterioration…then I’ll follow those up with my new NAG/JC 75K. Thanks for looking!
And now…

Nice score buddy! What made your original NAG JC 75K start to deteriorate? :frowning:

I read that NAG’S older latex masks tend to suffer a lot of issues regarding deterioration due to the former supplier was inconsistent with their batch of latex.

So nice to see you around again man! Big congrats on the score that is so awesome!!! :jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::beers:Sorry to hear about the old one that really sucks​:weary: keep posting brother can’t wait to see some costume pictures

Thanks, man!

And I really have no clue - but I’ve heard that it is NOT just NAG’s latex that was affected. I suppose it must have been a supplier whose latex wasn’t the usual quality because I have masks from NAG and several other artists whose latex supply was affected that are much older than the original 75K and they’re still in practically new condition.

Hey, hey - speaking of that good friend! Again, Brother - I really appreciate you caring enough to try and help me save the original. You rock :rock:

Thank you so much - this 75K TOTALLY eases the “loss” of the other one. I had originally planned for that blank to be my ultimate H2 mask…but I explained everything to James and he practically made it his mission to provide me the ultimate H1. As you can see (even from my horrible photography skills, or lack thereof) he delivered like a true artist. I’m extremely happy with this new 75K and can’t wait to suit up on my next day off so I can get my “producer” to take some pics with his 4K camera :open_mouth: Hopefully I can talk him into between recording takes :rock:

Great score. Keep it clean and store it in a cool dry place.

Sorry to hear about your original! That’s ass!! I’m very glad to hear you got another copy!! Congratulations man!!

That is a great mask you have ended up with! :drinkers:

That is a killer upgrade, mate!