2012 Closet Monster Giveaway ( CONGRATULATIONS )

:smiley: Thanks to all that entered, I wish I could give you all a prize…I put all the names inside the Closet Monster and let my wife pull the WINNER. CONGRATULATIONS !

Dude, this is awesome. You are a good member. Thanks for doing this. With all that has happend, this week and prior to this week, I really would love to see things calm down. I wish people would stop being so technical, and detail oriented about every little thing. If and when that happens, good things like this will once again make this community strong. I just want to come here and look at everyones masks and costumes, and hear their opinions on why they like what they like, and do what they do.

This is totally awesome of you James!!! I appreciate you giving me, and the rest of the board the chance to win this sweet Closet Monster. That hair looks soooo nice indeed. I have a mask that was done up, and haired by Tommy and OMG… The hair is Super Fresh, lol. Again, thank you very much for the opportunity my friend. …ANDY

This is Grrrrrreat :rock: Always been a fan of the CM,never owned one yet though :mrgreen:

Ouu, a closet monster (: This community is so appreciative and so giving, with all these recent giveaways, i may also need to give back soon enough!! Thanks!

Count me in buddy, I also dislike what has been going on lately and am glad something good is coming out of this whole mess.


Count me in!!! So nice of you man!!!

Awesome, JD! I always thought the Closer Monster was one mean looking mask. Love it! Thanks for holding another giveaway.


That’s awesome of you my friend! Count me in!!! :sunglasses:

This is awesome of you brother I’m defiantly in on this

Nice of you to do being that this week has been full of crap that makes you want to leave the hobby altogether

That’s an awesome idea !

Great way to end this week :rock:

Hey brother.

I just wanted to comment and say that you are on a roll. You just keep giving back to the Myers community and to others, and I beleieve that is awesome.

AND-Don’t put me in this drawing…as I won your other giveaway…lol.

I just wanted to say that you make this a better place with your generosity. :rock:

This is very kind of you. You’re a cool cat for doing something like this. And to prove that I’m not all about myself in this hobby I’m asking you NOT to put me in the drawing. That way someone else has a better chance to win it. Good luck to those who enter.

very kind of you… count me in. Let the good times roll! :drinkers:

Count me in! Always been a fan of those yet never had one!

This is awesome!

Extremely admirable. I’m in.

Count me in! I love it here! :smiley: