2018 hair?

Does anyone know what type of hair was used on the Hero 2018 mask? I’m attempting to repaint/hair my 2018 mask but have no clue what what to look for in the hair department :laughing:
Could someone provide a link to what/how much I need for 1 mask?

I tried searching the forum to find an answer but only came up with one person stating it was a mix of camel & mohair, is this correct?

Thanks for any help in advance!

Movie mask had a Mohair/Crepe hair blend with Streaks n Tips Burnt Brown sprayed over. Movie hair comes from a Hollywood beauty company called Nigel Beauty, they sell the Crepe hair, and email them about the Mohair.

Thank you! Any idea what color is best to use? I’m looking at either light brown or light auburn. Anyone know for certain what color was used?

How is the fibers mixed though ?

I heard the used camel for the hair, and used the mohair for the front hairline. Not sure if that’s correct or not, just what I heard.

This is what I understand it to be as well. The hair on the stock 2018 mask is actually more accurate than it gets credit for. If you were to nasty it up and replace the front row of hair with mohair, it would be accurate. The hero mask in the film had tons of hairspray in it. Thus, the extra nappy nasty look. It’s a wonder it didn’t go up in a fireball when the fire started in the house :laughing:

Any further questions, ask ADXBRAD here on the forums, he’s the one who informed me about all this.

The hero mask was haired with camel hair 80% camel 20% mohair