3 New Scores plus new man cave photos!

So I recently moved into a new apartment that is 2x the size of the old one ! With that being said I finally got my own room, and just in time because I got 3 new scores!

Now I know I already had the Ghastly H5, but meet the new and improved Ghastly H5, you really need to pick this one up from Tommy!

And I also got the Ghastly H6!

An excellent price for this mask!

My New Night owl Lunatic, this mask is SICK!

My New and improved Man cave!

As always I appreciate comments, let me know what you think!

I own:

  1. Cryptco Warlock
  2. Cgp St. Nick
  3. Patient
  4. MCS IV
  5. Payback
  6. Nag Classic
  7. Night owl Lunatic
  8. Ghastly H5 X2
  9. Ghastly H6
  10. HSS H2
  11. Sinister Studio H3 Trio
  12. Seven

Waiting on:

  1. Warlock SE

You have an INSANE setup man!!

That Lunatic is bananas!!!

:rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:

That is amazing, looks sick how you have everything layed out. Where did you get that Halloween Pillow

Great collection!!! Congrats on the new apartment and Ghastly 5!!! The man cave looks pretty sweet!

I got that pillow like 6 years ago from a company that went out of business called “The Funk Yard” I heard they still had an online prescense, so look them up- but I will probably never be able to replace that pillow:(

nice collection brotha!

OFF THE RAW. Sweet set up!

Nice set up you have there, am really liking that Loony.

LOVE the arrangement, & of course the pieces! Man, I feel like nothing compared to some of you guys - very impressive setup! :rock:

Awesome set up and Congrats on the new scores!! Love that Lunatic!

Dude, your new man-cave ROCKS! Great looking set-up. Those IKEA Detolf shelves are insane. Great collection too man!

Awesome scorage :rock:
That Ghastly 5 is a great replica :sunglasses:
Always like seein your set-up!
Thanks for sharing my friend.

man I love that h6. tommy did an amazing job on that one. (specifically the hair) it looks like a screen used mask.

scott i studied and i mean studied the caps from the film .thats the way the hairline and hair looks in the film to me.i know the hair was hand laid but this hair has the feel i beleive. also i stipple painted the 6 aswell no air brushing as i was told that an air brush was not used on the screen used… tommy

awesome masks!!! i did not know tommy did a h5, how much are tthe ghastly h5s cos one day i wouldn’t mind getting a h5 and h6 from tommy!!! awesome stuff man and that lunatic looks so amazing!!! :smiley:

Man Tommy is the most fair priced artist on this forum. The H5 mask (and don’t quote me since I am not the artist) but its $150.00

:rock: :rock: :rock: tommy is awesome!!! i really need to get some masks in from him!!! :rock: