4 Stamp owner?

Does a more knowledgeable member know the name of the seller who owns this 4 Stamp, listed on eBay? His inbox is full and I can’t message him. Any help is greatly appreciated!


What does 4 stamp mean?

Anyone mind helping?

Wow, thanks.
Good luck with your answer, haha

Sorry man . There are 4 distinctive stamp on the back of the mask, hence the name “4 Stamp”.

They’re referring to the NightmareMan 4 stamp run from Nightowl. Love this mask, and wish I would’ve got in on it back then, haha.

There were a few versions of the Nightmare Man 78, the “four stamp” version gets its name from having four distinct names stamped on the back of the neck: Nightowl Productions - Justin Mabry - Billy Kirkus - Nightmare Man '78.