I keep this mask fully stuffed and locked away in a secret hidden boxed door inside the cupboard just to keep out of sunlight and any other damage. Every once a year or so, I get it out to try on and take a couple of pictures just because I can’t help myself. Enjoy!

Mask: NAG 75k Castle Special Edition signed by Nick Castle

Awesome! That’s a great looking copy! :rock:

Damn that thing is a beast. I’m getting amazing hero vibes :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :myers: :pumpkin:

That might be the best mask I’ve ever seen I’m not kidding :jack_o_lantern:

Wow, that’s a great copy!!

Damn, that means a lot! Thank you!

Thanks everyone else for the more than generous comments

More photos

Damn that mask is nice.

That’s a stand out copy.

Can we see more pics :myers: :myers :pumpkin:

Awesome pics, that mask nails the H4 poster look. Also, is that a Dave Mcrae video on the screen behind you? Love his videos :slight_smile:

Appreciate it!

Of course! Will be sure to tag you in the next message when I’m I update with some more pics :slight_smile:

Haha was waiting for someone to notice! It sure is! XD which is exactly the reason why I decided to pull this mask out and give it a little photo shoot :laughing:

I took my H4 DVD copy and compared it to your first pic…uncanny. If you ever wanna sell it let me know. Absolutely stunning

Thank you!

Thank you friend! Only problem is I find it as uncanny as you do unfortunately so probably will take this to the grave with me! :laughing:

Little more. Will update another post when I have the time to take new photos

:rock: :myers: :pumpkin: Sweet