99 Shatner "Blood Tears" . . . . . . .

Here’s a cool 99 Shatner for Ian Hallett that I finished recently. This is probably the best pull of a 99 Shatner that I’ve ever seen, and perfect thickness for my taste. There’s always something special about a 99 conversion… not sure what it is, but definitely gets me excited when I have one to do! They have a certain look about them that always keeps me very interested, and I’d say that they are close to the top of my favorites list! They are on the smaller side as we all know, but they make some of the best display pieces that I’ve ever seen. My son is actually growing into them very well… “Mr. mini Warlock” I call him! :laughing: I swear he has the perfect stance and even walks just like the man! Anyway, chalk this one up to another fun conversion and photo shoot with my little homie… good times indeed! :smiley:

Thanks for checking it out everyone, and thank you Ian for everything… hope you really like this one, buddy! :rock:


Your certainly correct; your son is quite the “Warlock”.

FINE JOB! and Jett is the Perfect Mini Warlock for sure! Great Pics! Boob


I have to agree dude, these 99s are kick ass and this is no exception. Love how the brighter tones pierce through the weathering.
It’s funny, I’ll be finishing a blood tears tomorrow, I’ll be sure to show.
Looks like you and Jett had a blast with this one, huge congrats to Ian!
Rock on!

Looks great, James!

:prayer: Beautiful JC! Im totally with ya on the 99’s size as my daughter is JONZIN on my 99 Shat/AHG, and she fits in it perfect! So I bought her one of Derek Cooks 99 conversion that he did, and were remaking that one for her! :laughing: Can ya just imagine back in our day if that was our first Myers mask?
Jett looks way cool and he’s definitely got the Warlock spirit! :smiley: Great shots and the bonding time is priceless JC like ya said, I just recently showed my daughter how to hair a mask, now everyday its a request for something more :laughing:

Another fantastic conversion! Keep it up, James. :rock: Jett is getting really good at posing. You have got to get him some coveralls! :myers:


Love the 99 and this one turned out great! Awesomeness James!

Really like this one James, a really beautiful copy.
Big congrats to the new owner :drinkers:

Dayummmmm, now I know why u wanted me to wait until u got back from vacation until I posted pics of this brother, once again an awesome set of shots man and Jet certainly rocks the look to perfection…
Can’t thank you enough for working on this mask & my MMK for me man, seeing them here is awesome but to have them in hand is something else too, totally nailed both looks I wanted with ease as I expected
Was great to work with u brother & I know for sure I’ll be back again too :wink:
Can’t wait to get some pics done myself now :slight_smile:)


Congrats, Ian!

And I can’t get enough of the colored shots with the Jack O’S on either side and a touch of the green room in the background. Something about the color palette in those shots that does it for me. Amazing work, James.

The '99 seems like an almost perfect fit for Jett. Would be very interested to see what an SLE looks like on his noggin!
Beautiful work on the mask, as always. The tears are a 100% match to the film, but that’s no surprise coming from you. :sunglasses:

The 99 becomes a timeless mask under the hands of JC :smiling_imp:

Beautiful James! That is one sick mask and great shots !!!

Yup that’s the good stuff right there!!! Outdoor shots look solid!

That last shot is da shiz! :myers:

My gosh, these photos are completely breathtaking. Your son is PERFECT for that mask. You also did a fine job editing them. Love the subtle effects and the black and white on a few of them work really well. What a beauty.

Thank you guys… I appreciate all the comments very, VERY much! It’s an awesome feeling knowing that Jett enjoys this stuff almost as much as me! It seems like he gets more involved as we approach the Fall Season… ha, imagine that!

We are really getting pumped for this years ghouly photo shoots! :rock:

Thanks again everyone.

HAHA! Love the thumbs up photo. I look forward to more photoshoots!

Unreal finishing and pics. Huge congrats Ian. Need to get the little guy some coveralls and hed look spot on