A few new Butcher pictures...


great pics and mask.

great pics ethan!

Nice. I’ve always enjoyed that mask.

Sweet Butcher bro! Nice pics too.

hands down my favorite Myers mask out there, love seeing pics of it.

I always enjoy your pics, Ethan. The Butcher is a wicked mask!

Are you making it to Texas Frightmare Weekend this year?

i will be honest and say ive never really been a big fan of the butcher but that particular copy may have swayed me looks damn good :rock: btw what a knife you have there great job and nice shots bro :rock: :drinkers:

Awesome pics just like always brother. That’s a nice copy.

Hey, thanks a lot Tommy, Landon, Darrin, devious1978, KillerMcQueen, Donnie, anth0777 and Jon.

I appreciate it guys. :slight_smile:

Donnie, I was telling Katie that I don’t think I’ll be able to make it this year. :angry:

I’'m gonna try really hard though.

The first shot is epic Ethan :sunglasses:
We shall name you Ethan the butcher!

AWESOME shots, bro! And a killer copy to boot! :slight_smile:

Haha, I am definitely feeling that name kaizu. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks buddy. :smiley:

Thanks a lot, pal. :sunglasses:

I hope you can make it buddy, it’s going to be fun! We also need to get a new photo of the horror posse all suited up together. :mrgreen:

Awesome butcher shots! I love the butcher,such an evil look,you cant even fathom the thought that its just a human behind the mask.

I hop so too, Donnie!

I had a blast last year walking around with you guys.

Thanks a lot L33TMyers. :sunglasses:

those are some shots to be proud of. the butcher is just straight evil. thanks man, makes me want to throw mine on and take some new pics.



Thanks a lot Mike. :smiley:

Very nice shots bro, and what an awesome knife. Thank you for sharing these pics of you’re awesome Butcher. …ANDY

More awesome pics Ethan, i love the way you capture all of your masks, bravo bud.