A new H5 score- Coverall Collection

Just recently picked up these H5 Herringbone Sears W&L coveralls! The pocket flap needs ironed out but Other than that I am absolutely ecstatic to have found these in my size. Now I’ve got H1, H4, and H5 down. Just H2, H6, H20, and H8 to go!

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Nice collection. If you get them all… you’ll need a closet just for your coveralls!

Nice Nathan! Very cool stuff man! The collection is coming together! :rock:

Thank you both! I’m glad I found these, they were only $22!

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Oh wow man, can’t beat that deal! :rock:

That’s awesome when I first saw the pic I thought they were H4 coveralls. So what’s the difference between the two btw? they must be fairly close I do recall that light pinstriping on the 4’s too
Do you have the H40’s too? I only have authentic H40’s and a pair of H1 cheap TOTS plus some other random navy coveralls I’ve used over the years. I’d love to get the H1 work suit but hard to find in my size especially

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Thank you!!

Well, H4 are Big Macs and H5 are Sears Work N Leisure’s. Both are herringbone denim (the pinstripes). The only MAJOR differences you can see is that the H4 has a rounded, button pocket flap and a button/hole for the collar and the H5 had a straight across pocket sewn at the sides and a snap button for the collar.

I do not have H40s! Those, after the H2 coveralls with the correct tag, are my next goal. Then 6 7 and 8 are kind of the bottom of the list since they’re still readily available.

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Congrats on the coverall score bro! they look like theyre in great shape too :pumpkin:

These were mint when i got them, this is 1 bottle of Rit Charcoal grey dye later

Thanks! And those look great. I was thinking about modeling the weathering off of this pair.

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yeah thats probably the best reference pic, after the ending of H4 theres very few bullet holes in the suit lol