a scary topic

Which character do you think is the scariest?


Between the main slashers, Michael, Jason, and Freddy… Leatherface is the scariest because he’s real. There’s really no instances of dream demons, machete-wielding zombies, or rando stalkers chopping up teenagers on Halloween night… but Leatherface exists. Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer both are effectively this person: psychos who decorate their homes with the flesh and bones of the victims they’ve also eaten. It’s just so terrifying that people like that have existed in the past, and probably still do.

Michael Myers, easily. That is not a guy you want coming after you.

Leatherface ain’t real (though I agree he’s terrifying). Ed Gein only killed one person (edit: whoops, two)…yeah, they say Leatherface was inspired by him but there’s really no comparison.

Dahmer…well, that’s a different subject…

I agree brother…the fact that Leatherface’s family nurtured, promoted, encouraged the ultimate sin with him at such an early age makes everything so much more diabolical/unsettling.