Actual 35mm film 2K Retool worn shots!

This mask is the mask I’ve been searching for 10 years now. Still can’t believe it’s sitting in my collection!
I can’t wait to take some more pics with it!


Damn… What a beast, looks so cool!
I watched many of your Videos from Youtube! :rock:

Best regards,
MyersManiac1. :myers:

Knarly man, great pics!

That thing is sick man. Love the shots too

Crazy awesomeness!!! That’s a great lookin mask!!

Thank you guys!
Glad you did MyersManiac1 !

Simply the best h1 imo, your copy esspecially, amazing mask bro, great shots, i love all your vids on youtube man! :smiley:

Great shots… I wonder what those people are thinking in that white car? Hahaha. Love 35mm film. I actually still shoot with film. I have a lovely Leica M3 and Rolleiflex 120 film camera I still shoot with. Awesome!!

Those are really cool shots of a great mask!

And i keep watching, i like your worn shots in the Videos! :rock:

Best regards,
MyersManiac1. :myers:

Damn, that 35mm made an awesome mask look seriously kickass!

Love those shots man and your mask is amazing!

The best Myers mask! Great score man, love your videos on YouTube!

Wow ! The love is much appreciated guys! Thank you all so much!

Awesome man! Love that 35mm vintage look!

That’s a beautiful copy and cool shots !

Really glad you guys like both the mask and the shots!

Great shots Loris.Glad you are getting use out of the mask. :rock:

Wow absolutely stunning pics. I just posted my #2 JC 2K retool up for sale. Maybe whomever snags it can take more killer pics like yours. Hard to beat!!!