Addison Kirk Coversion Arrived!!

Thanks to JasonV123 I just got this awesome addison kirk conversion that he converted himself…I have to say this thing looks awesome and he did an amazing job. The weathering and hair are perfect on this mask and i am excited to add it to the collection…Thanks again bro :smiley: :smiley:

Killer mask man.I really like the hair he used on it.

Thanks man i know its got like a red tint to it …very nice :smiley:

This shot looks wicked!!! :open_mouth: Congrats on a great score!

Great score brudda. Killer pics. That mask almost looks like an old NAG RARE masks that I once owned. :smiley:

That conversion turned out great!
Congratulations! :rock:

Nice score!
Has a little Closet Monster in there.

I saw this thing in person not too long ago. I was blown away by it. You got a really, really great mask.

This shot really says a lot about both artists

Thanks alot guys i appreciate it …i love this mask :smiley:

Kudos buddy, Looks good!

cool score!! that 6th shot looks stunning

that thing looks wicked!!! i love it!!!,…a big chucky fan i see. :drinkers:

Nice Child’s Play memorabilia. Oh yeah, the mask looks sweet as well!!

Now that’s a great mask. Great score. Thanks for sharing. …ANDY