And begins

Well i bought my first Michael Myers mask a few weeks back, and yesterday i bought another one…" and so it begins" I guess.

I’m fairly new to these masks, and i now know there are a whole bunch of variations from different companies thanks to this website.
So, yesterday i got a hold of this one. It has “John Smith / Mask Maker Productions” in the back of its neck. So i guess this is the mask that is referred to as the “H4 Poster Mask”. As far as i know, looking through the info on this page.

Now as you can see, it has taken some serious color damage. Its pretty much yellow instead of white. Is this redeemable at all if i want to get it back to its original state

I think that was originally a Samhain mask from MMP.

I agree with MyTQuin. It does resemble the Samhain. What are the small whites areas? Is the mask damaged or is it paint? It looks to be in decent shape if you were looking to get it repainted. There are tons of great artists on here that could help you out. And a few threads on rehaul tips if you chose to try doing it yourself.

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The white spots are remains of the white color, it looks much more detailed in the photos though, not so much in real life.
The reason i posted was that i was looking for a re-paint opinion from people that have done this before.
I have been looking at this mask throughout the day, and i think i’m gonna try the 50/50 latex acrylic paint option. I’ve done a lot of painting before…house paint that is :laughing: it’s my job. But yeah this is out of my area of expertise, so i’m gonna need to find a good step by step guide about this before i try to do anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Great find to kick off your hobby man! :drinkers: