ANDY'S NEW N.A.G/JC H-78!!!!

As the title says, this is my N.A.G/JC H-78. The detail on this mask is nothing short of fabulous. I was almost too blown away to take the first few pictures while it was still lying in the box, because the first thing I wanted to do was to gently take it out, and just hold it. The pictures that James provided were super Fresh to say the least, but to see this mask in person, and up close with my own two eyes, was just a completely different story, I never thought I’d say this, but it’s eons better in person, and I LOVED the pics. Once you have a mask done up by Mr. Carter in front of you, there is absolutely NO question why his conversions are so sought after.

Thank you James, (for the up-teenth time, lol). I asked you for a top notch mask, and you delivered 100%. I definitely still plan on getting many other masks done up by you in the near future.

Oh yeah, It’s PIC HEAVY!!! Enough talk, on with the pics…

Thanks for looking. …ANDY

That is freakin awesome, James really knocked him outta the park. I love how the paint work around the cheek area are a lil more defined, and I love the hair on that bad boy…Dean

Wicked shots, Andy! Love the bright pics as well my friend! You make a mean Myers and even a tad of an H2 look going on in a couple shots! Glad you are well pleased and thanks for the kind words about me and my work! :drinkers: Take care man!


Thanks James. It couldn’t have been without you brother. …ANDY

Btw, get him away from that pool, lol…Dean
p.s James you are the Master

Thanks Dean, like I said before I specifically asked him to accentuate the cheekbones for a meaner, more menacing look. I appreciate the comment. …ANDY

Will do brother, I just couldn’t resist a few Doughboy pool shots, LOL. …ANDY

Well he does look a lot meaner…Dean

That’s what I like to hear!!! Thanks again brother. …ANDY

Look awesome man!! Glad your loving that thing! You got some killer pics in there bro… James is the man when it comes to Myers! I love the H78 he did up for me aswell… You name the scene and James will nail it!!.. Congratz again Andy! :axe:

Cody :rock:

Speechless with this piece :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Thank you so much for that comment Cody. James can nail just about anything. …ANDY

Wow, thanks brother!!! …ANDY

CONGRATS, ANDY!! THAT IS ONE KILLER H78! :open_mouth: GREAT PICS AS WELL MY FRIEND! :drinkers: :drinkers: Bob

Thanks Bob. Comment appreciated. …ANDY

That’s a fantastic NAG/JC masterpiece you’ve got there, Andy!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Welcome to the club!!! :axe:

:open_mouth: Holy Hell Andy,that for me is by far the best freaking H78 On the Planet,your shots do it so much Justice imo you simpy can’t take a bad shot of that Mask looks great worn aswell,Big Congrats on this one Brother,and on a side note,What an incredible Job by Mr Carter Stunning. :rock: :rock: :rock: :drinkers: :drinkers:

:open_mouth: That thing is sick my friend!!! James always does a fantastic job on the hairing and painting!!! congrats!!!

I thought you said it was going to be pic heavy?..LOL! man that was a lot of pics!
All awesome, you really showed what this mask is capable of brother. Nice worn pics too. Andy, you def scored yourself a mask for life right there. H-78 is such an amazing piece and when James does his abracadabra on it, it just turns to gold.


Congrats on that awesome piece Andy! I will definitely be getting work done be JC soon and know it will be great.