Another NAG 75K H1 . . . . . . . . .

Just finished another 75K for a member here and he wanted me to throw down a few quickie pics. I hope this is H1 enough for ya Willie, and thanks my man! :rock:


Great job James :rock: :rock: Mike

Nice mask bro!

Another fine-looking K :supz:

Great job, James.

Never get tired of seeing these, James. My spot can’t come soon enough! :cry:


Wow man! That looks outstanding. I just can’t believe it is finally coming home! I have a 75k H2 by James, they will both look amazing together at last! I’m going to look into custom glass to cover these badboys. Thanks for pulling through as always man. Your service is top notch at all levels.

Now that thing just screams HERO! Its ghostly with touches of flesh and a bit of dirt and grime,brilliant.Great work as always James! :rock:

I don’t like that one James…i Bloody Love it :stuck_out_tongue:

Perfecto! :rock:

Absolutely perfect.



jc!!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: something about the creepiness you bring to these… you rock man!

Congrats man! James…You disgust me! :laughing: Awesome work and awesome score :rock: :rock:

Awesome stuff brotha James, another killer conversion…Dean

Willie, your collection is becoming insane!!!

SWEET!!! Another fine piece James!! :rock: :rock:

Great job James!!! :drinkers: :rock:

Love how you gave strong fleshtones to the brows :rock:
And that misted hair is stunning :astonished:

My favorite and the best h1 mask in my opinion !!!