Any Leprechaun fans?

Wondering if I’m alone for the genius that is Warwick as Leprechaun. If you are a fan, which is your favorite. Once we all agree it is Leprechaun whats your second favorite? For me it’s close but for nostalgic reasons Back 2 The Hood. Also what would you say is your favorite kill in the franchise. Gold coins in the gut is a close second but the way my friend giggled during the pogo stick scene will forever make it my favorite :laughing:

I’m not joking when I say my friends younger brother had an obsession like I’d never seen. We had to watch Leprechaun (only DVD he had af the time) at least twice a morning with him a little over 20 years ago. This went on for literally years. I posted this photo on IG the other day at 11 IN THE MORNING. He commented “watching this right now.” How you never get tired of things in excess is beyond me but yeah I love the film and his love for it truly gave me a new type of view on the brilliance.

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I love the first four movies I think theyre comedy gold!

I remember back in the day bob from mask murderers was the first ever time I had seen a latex mask made of the leprechaun