Anyone know $200-250 Good H1 Indie mask?

Hello everyone. I am currently looking for an H1 indie mask between $200 and $250.

I looked through the galleries on this site, and there were a lot of good productions,
like WMP, BMM, HSS. but none of them I could contact, or there was no response.

Besides, many productions are closed these days compared to the past,
or they require a lot of waiting time.

So… Can anyone recommend Me a good indie mask with a $200-250 price range
and less than seven months of waiting time?

Maybe sinister studios? Or try eBay? I just picked up a 75k for 240 and got a nightmare for about 300 on there aswell.

240 For 75K???
That’s a steal!

I never saw a Great deal Like that!

Devils Rain FX I believe has a good H1 now. Also, Handiboy’s Bad Boy editions of their masks.

Keep an eye out on Ebay. You’re not going to score a top end mask. But you should have no problem finding a half decent mask for that price.

That’s it there, really cool mask. Not loving the finish but it’s a solid looking mask.

I already Ordered Handiboy’s BB mask.
And Yeah, Looks Devil’s Rain FX makes really Good H1!

I should consider buying Devil’s Rain FX’s HTK.
After I figure out how long is the waiting time of HTK…

I will have my H1 mask coming out in February. I’m just getting caught up on my H2 orders right now. So to be safe, say 2 months. And I never take money up front! Just check out my DRFX FB page or message me – Bill Blake

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Well, a number of folks may disagree with me on this, but I’d recommend putting that amount toward a Nick Mulpagano/Handiboy rehaul of the TOTS 78. It’s an amazing base mask and he makes them look like far more expensive masks. Check out his work on Facebook. I think he’s got his workload down from last year’s backlog.

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I agree with you.
Tots have an amazing base and Nick Mulpagano pushes it up to a higher level.

But I already have some masks of Tots,
and I want to collect more diverse ‘Shapes’ than the bases of the Tots mask. (Pun intended-lol)
That’s why I’m looking for an indie mask rather than looking for Rehaul of Tots.