Anyone know about the MMK?

I know it is a recast of a DP 98 shatner, or at least descends from that. What makes this different from the 75k or 98 proto? The mouth is clearly something that separates it from the rest, but I really do like that pout mouth it has. Reminds me of the million dollar Kirk. Anyone know what the MMK is supposed to replicate?

It was meant to replicate the million dollar Kirk, mmk stands for “movie mold Kirk”

It’s a retool of the NAG 75K as far as I know, with most of the changes being in the lips and jawline (at least that’s what it looks like to me). Really cool looking mask, too!

Oh definitely,the MMK is a killer mask!

For sure! :rock:

Ah, so it is actually meant to replicate the million dollar Kirk? That’s really cool. Thank you!

Love the Mmk that original first run is my fav mask in Kirk form ever.

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Nice stuff here! I love the MMK sculpt as well, definitely my grail piece


I recall having once been confused on the MMK vs the 75K. I was told that the most noticeable difference in telling them apart is the MMK has the pimple in the corner of the mouth like the Creep does.