are some foam pumpkins not able to be carved?

Stopped at Hobby Lobby today to pick up a foam pumpkin to carve. I found one that was the perfect size and shape I was looking forward and immediately asked one of the employees if she knew if I could use it to carve. I had just picked up a versa-tool and it said on the box it’s perfect for carving foam pumpkins. She read the back of the versa-tool box and said, “it says here this will carve foam pumpkins, and this is a foam pumpkin so it should be fine”.

Well I get home and start carving, and it feels like this thing is actually stuffed with foam? The tool cut through with the ease of a hot knife cutting butter. However, I instantly noticed I wasn’t able to push in the parts I had cut. I then got a knife and started to try and pry it open, but it felt like the whole damn pumpkin was stuffed with foam.

Is there a particular style or brand I should be looking for? Wasn’t ready to order a funkin online. Wanted to walk in and grab on at a local craft store - hobby lobby, Michaels, etc

I have a number of the round pumpkins from Michael’s and they’re hollow and easily carved with a versa tool. They should be on sale right now as well. I’ve never used any from HL but it sounds like those are solid and not hollow like Michael’s.

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Only certain foam ones can be carved. Probably gotta look for a craft one.

Alright, thanks fellas. This was/is my first attempt at carving a foam pumpkin, so it’s all new to me. I am going to look for a craft one. I have the receipt still, so I am hoping they will exchange it for me.

For years Hobby Lobby had used to carry a wide assortment of Funkins for their Fall selection of artificial pumpkins, and they were great the perfect size and shape for carving out some of the jack-O’-lanterns from the HALLOWEEN movies. Was real easy to go there in store and just pick one up. However, starting last year I noticed they stopped and are now selling these lousier, more generic brand foam pumpkins. I didn’t even feel like buying one to check it out see how they carve and from what you’re telling me I definitely should not…

But yeah Michaels and JO-ANN carry the hollow kind of foam pumpkins you are looking for to be able and carve out easily.

Hobby Lobby has 2 different style pumpkins, one that is made to carve, another one that is for display only that’s filled with styrofoam. I think I bought the same pumpkin you did. The carvable pumpkins are labeled as craft pumpkins, are smaller and feel hard, more like a shell than an actual pumpkin.

Michael’s also has the carveable craft pumpkins in different sizes and colors. I believe its polyurethane foam that is the carveable stuff… u know it is when u carve it and it has a strong chemical smell. That smell will eventually go away (it is the foam gassing off) but I’ve read that u can help eliminate it by spritzing some vinegar on the inside. That and applying a lil baking soda in there. I have a couple of the 9" ones from Michaels and carved an H1 and H2 with them. Was just in a Hobby Lobby today and they had very similar products as well.