Artist Spotlight Series

Hello, all.
With Derek’s blessing, I’ve rolled out an Artist Spotlight series.
I’ll be interviewing our incredible artists here in the Myers community. I’ll keep this post updated, so they can all be accessed via one concise page.
Feedback is always welcome, so drop me a line here on the board.

EDIT: Some artists declined to be interviewed for personal reasons, so we’ll respect their privacy.

Nick Mulpagano - HandiBoy Studios (06/2018)

Freddy Loper - Mirror Image Masks (08/2018)

Sean Clark - Silver Shampain Novelties (09/2018)

Jimmy Falco - SpookHouse Props (06/2019)

Ed Edmunds - Distortions Unlimited (12/19)

Awesome work, man! Some great reads.

Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed reading them.
Freddy Loper is next.

Love reading these

Just got the chance to read these. Very cool!

Fantastic reads! Thanks for doing this

Great idea and super interesting reads! :slight_smile:

I’m glad you guys are getting a kick out of these. I’m having a blast with it! Thanks for all the support.

Awesome reads man. We need the myth, the legend Justin Mabry in one of these! You got 3 of the top dogs already and they’re all very down to earth people

Awesome! :wink: This is a great idea

Thanks for all the support, guys!

Justin is definitely on the “to-do” list, and I’ve contacted him about it. He’s ultra-busy right now, but we may hook up an interview in the future.

Awesome man! I look forward to the next read. These are a great addition to the community

This is a great thing that you’re doing, Zac, and you’re doing it well. Looking forward to the next installment!

It means a lot to hear that, buddy! Thank you!

Thanks a ton, Frankie!

Nick just does such amazing work, his coverman and Deadringer are stunning!

Always debated grabbing a Coverman but I love the Maniac. Then again I ended up grabbing a NAG Cover so I might just get one someday. Definitely my favorite look of Mikey

I meant Nick Mulpagano but Nik is great. Im not familiar with the coverman, I think I’ve seen it a couple of times but not very often. That mask just looks so good lol

Me too. The Coverman you mentioned by Nick M. has been on my “to-buy” list for a while. I own the Nightowl Maniac and NAG Cover so I may end up getting a Coverman one day. Can’t wait for Zac’s interview with Justin! Maniac and Lunatic are still my favorite sculpts ever

I was very tired when I wrote that message lol, the coverman masks are very hard to get because Nick only made 20. If you know any way to get that mask, please tell me lol.

There was just one on eBay and a buddy of mine in the group was selling his. Don’t think it sold, if you want I’ll ask him for you