Mark is one amazing artist. Please feel free to post your ARTMARK art. Here is my collection:

Hmmm… the images aren’t showing up for me, mate :frowning:

WAIT, sorry. Now I see 'em.
Beautiful pieces :rock: :rock:

**Great pieces Mike! The “Sheets” one has long been my all-time favorite, I still hope to get one someday.

For now I only have two full-sized pieces by Mark:

I also have the limited edition Myers’ House sketch he did, don’t have any pics of it currently.**

My two lovely pieces

Can someone send me his contact info if hes still painting? thanks all!


He is a member here send him a message. Mike :smiley:

_Art Mark is the man!


you can contact me here. thanks for the thread. regards, mark (artmark)

I am sure I speak for many , many fellow members around here. Your talent is much admired and appreciated. I am grateful for all the ARTMARK pieces I have been lucky enough to have accumulated over the past couple years. I am proud to display them right along side my MYERS masks in my home. Cheers Mark and Happy Holidays to you and yours. Mike :drinkers:

thanks a bunch!~ mark :slight_smile:

You can see mine here. And the pic I took that Mark used. So if you ever want your own mask (maybe you have to part with it) you can maybe have Mark paint it.

I WISH I had one of his pieces!!! :cry:

It’s so worth have at least one of his pieces. It adds a whole new dimension to your collection. Mike :smiley:

Mark does amazing work for sure! Heres four of mine…

You have a fantastic 4 there for sure bro. I especially like that Laurie. NICE!!! Mike :smiley:

Mark is the man!! I’ve always wanted the Laurie painting he did to complete my collection. Amazing work!!

Thank you brudda! :sunglasses:

Thanks to all who posted their awesome ARTMARK paintings. There are some FANTASTIC paintings out there. Mike :rock:

Here’s mine. Unfortunately this is the only I one own. Where is Mark nowadays?

WOW… there’s is some serious COLOR in that one. Great painting. Mike :rock: