Back of Japanese vhs cover

Has anyone seen this pic anywhere else?
s-l1600 (18).jpg

Yes I have. If I’m not mistaken, I believe the first Blockbuster VHS cover had that image as well, when they first began offering it in the 90’s.

I think you are right! I have that vhs put away

I always loved this shot and wondered why we don’t see more of it :thinking:

Here it is on the blockbuster vhs

What I find interesting is the way Nick Castle (I assume) is holding the knife. You can plainly see two rivets in the handle which means he is holding the knife very awkwardly. The end of the handle is in the center of his palm. Super odd way of holding the knife. Perhaps this was done to make the knife look even larger and more intimidating… who knows.

How freaking cool.


I noticed the same thing. It does make the knife look larger! He is also holding it showing the side of the knife which makes it look even bigger and intimidating