Bad Seller Alert!!!!!!!

2 weeks ago I put up an ISO for an AM Creations Tommy3.0 mask. I got a response the next day from someone asking $325 and I said ill take it and to send pics. 2 days later I got the pics e-mailed to me and I replied to the e-mail asking for their Paypal Name and I also sent the the same message through here. that sunday night I got a reply on here with their paypal name and I immediately sent payment and then replied to the message on here and then i got the same message in my e-mail and i replied to it saying payment was sent and asked if they got it. that was a week ago yesterday. on Friday i was browsing a facebook page and i came across the name of the person with the same last name that i bought the mask from and asked if they were them and the story i got was that his Ex changed his Paypal password and the password to his username on here and that the mask that she was selling was a gift from him to her. we were talking on messenger for a good 45 minutes and then he said he was calling her to find out what was going on and then he said he was going to her house to get the mask. he said when he got there his Ex had no idea what he was talking about and then he showed her our conversation and when he asked her for the mask her boyfriend threatened to beat him up. then she told him that she was mailing it today and that she was gonna send a tracking number. heres where it gets super fishy if it hasn’t already. i checked here on saturday to see if they signed in and they did sign in 2 minutes after my last message was sent on facebook and they changed their user name from NebraskaMyersFan to SabrinaTheQueena and the guys new user name is Halloweenman420. well today came and went and nothing. i have the guys name and the e-mail addresses but i don’t want to post them here but if anyone wants it you can PM me. i also have screen shots of our facebook conversations along with the messages sent on here and through e-mail… sorry for this long *** rant but if anyone knows either of them can you please tell them to send me the mask or a refund. Thanks

I hear you bud. NebraskaMyersFan (now “SabrinaTheQueena”) would always message me about my masks and then complain about my asking prices and go on to tell me how cheap he bought masks in the past. It’s almost as if he knew he was never going to buy any of my masks and just enjoyed wasting my time and gloating about what he owned.

You should be able to issue a refund through PayPal as long as you didn’t send the $325 as a gift.

**well as far as the paypal payment goes i **ed up and sent it amd friends amd family per his/her request and i know it was a bad move but i trusted them enough to send them that way. So i opened a fraud claim with my bank in order to get my money back. So i either get a refund from the bank or from tbe seller

Shoot man. Keep us updated as to if he sends you the mask, refunds the $$, and if he messages you back or not. Scammers have no place in this community and if he doesn’t get back with you within a week let us know and he will be banned.

I had a similar experience with them. I posted a WTB ad for a AM Creations Kemper (go figure), and I got a message the next day from him offering to sell me one. We spoke through messages on here and email and he always had an “issue” with sending pics which seemed fishy to me. After I said screw it and didn’t want to buy from him and didn’t respond he messaged me saying he had a few “cash offers” although he was gonna honor me asking for it first. Then he proceeded to tell me that I would have to gift the money to him through friends and family because his paypal was a joint account with him and his “partner” for their computer business and it would complicate things when it came to taxes. That completely seemed sketchy to me and now this? How many pay pal accounts does this guy have? One for his business and one with his girlfriend? I don’t think so. This guy should definitely be banned.

he said that his Ex stole his paypal account. hes still swearing up and down that he has nothing to do with this and that its all his Ex and I call Bull**. I really wish that this guy lived closer cause I would pay him a visit and get my money back the old fashioned way**

Oh I hear you bud. I’m sure there’s a lot of people on here that would help too. Lol. I’m gonna pm you the message he sent me. Because he’s obviously lying. I find it really hard to believe and confusing at that, that he wanted me to gift it because it was his business a count jointed with his partner, yet when you message him and send money that’s no longer the case and it’s him and his girlfriends. Bullshit.

so all contact was cut off. my last message from him was late morning on Wednesday. I sent him a message on FB Wednesday, Thursday and today and nothing back. im just gonna post his name, e-mails and ebay name here. I already posted his username and the one his “Ex” uses . His name is Joshua McCoy. he lives in Freemont Nebraska. his Facebook name is Aaron McCoy (another BS story he gave me) and his profile pic is Pennywise. his E-mails are MrJoshMcCoy @Hotmail & @Gmail and his Ebay name is MrMcCoy420. I opened a fraud claim with my bank this past Monday and they said that it can take up to 10 Business days so lets see what happens. so add this Piece of St’s name to the list of Aholes who should all drop dead

I hope that you get your money back bro. People like that ruin this hobby.

No room for scammers here. I’m sorry that you ended up being the one to expose this guy, but at least he won’t be able to rip anyone else off in the future.

problem solved I got a refund. it took me blowing up his name on here and on Facebook but it all worked out. note to self no more sending payments F&F LOL. If you wanna add him to the List that’s your call. on a side note im still looking for a AM deluxe tommy 3.0 mask :smiley:

Did you get a refund from him or from your bank? If he gave you a refund, did he say anything when it was sent?

from him. He sent a full refund. I got the email saying it was sent. Now i need a mask LOL

Was it refunded to you like out of nowhere, randomly or did he send you a message apologizing for this whole deal?

No. i blew up his name on a facebook page and other people got involved. He Messaged me on Facebook a few hours later asking for my paypal name and 5 minutes after that i had a refund

Yeah I say he goes on the list. It appears that if you and everyone else hadn’t pushed him to give it back, he would have just taken the money and ran. Glad everything turned out alright for you!!



Well crap! I just purchased a AM creations Banjo mask from this dude on eBay. I just realized it’s the same guy. He sent videos of the mask.His communication has been good so far. If I don’t get it I’ll open up a claim. Says it’s been sent. Glad you got your money back.

If he doesn’t send you the mask, please post his eBay username on here