Be careful when buying funko figures

Be careful when buying this figures. My Michael Myers figure is not painted well. It’s pretty visible on the second picture. There are smudges all over his head and I couldn’t clean them with anything, so it definitely has something to do with the way it was manufactured.

Someone on Amazon complained about the same problem, so it’s not just this case.

The store where I bought it says it can’t exchange it for another one, so I kept this one. Basically the only way to find out if a funko figure doesn’t have smudges would be to remove it from the box before the purchase. Which is not possible, I guess. Impossible if you’re ordering online.

The Living Dead Doll figure I have next to it is of much higher quality. Will post some pictures one day. :slight_smile:

You know what, as I’m looking on my funko right now, I don’t really mind this issue anymore. I’m glad to have it for a solid price. If I ordered it online, I would pay much more for it.

Funko figures are a bit particular in their quality control. Sometimes they come with great paint work and sometimes they have very visible flaws. I guess that’s why some people I know prefer to let them in their boxes haha.

Yeah I agree lol. I have about 50+ of them (Different Characters) and I keep them all in the box, never opened. Just incase they have paint flaws in the back or something :laughing: