Best H1 and H2 mask to date??

What EXACT copy do you think is the most badass H1 and H2 mask to date?
I thought this could be fun!

H1 I am still a sucker for the KH rare!
H2 I am also still a sucker for the KH/DW#2

For H1 my new fave is the Creep, H2 hands down KH/DW…Dean

to me, nothing beats a 75k done up by james. even the kh (as crazy as it may sound)


H1…I still dont think anything beats a good nightmare or nightstalker done up by James or Chris Morgan for an H1. Niks new MMK may take the crown but I need to see more of it to be sure. The 75k is close, but to me its lacking alot of detail. As for H1, for me there not a partuclar copy of the Nightmare or Nightstalker that stands out. There are alot of aces Ive seen.

H2… The KH/DW #2 is beast. I dont think anything will ever top that particular mask.

My favorite H1 isn’t the most accurate but it looks awesome: A Psycho done up by James.
H2: the KHDW or a 99 Shat done up by James.

I agree Russell, my Nightstalker by Chris Morgan is Bang on the Money for the Hero wether Displayed or worn,anyone who refuses to accept this is either blind or stupid simple as that.As for H2 its tough and i’d say its between a JC 99 Shat and a KH SLE.


H1 - 75K
H2 - KH/DW

H78 done up by JC! The face of the H78 IMO is the most accurate over anyother H1 mask! Including 75k, 2k, creep, etc! Checkout link below for H78/JC :rock:

Converted 1975 Don Post Kirk. :sunglasses:

First of all the mask would have to be a conversion by James. There is no raw mask anywhere that comes back as accurate as a very good conversion.
H1 The Best Mask I have ever seen is a early run Psycho conversion. The 4 Stamp Nightmare man is also very good.
H2 With some of the new conversions I think the 75K may be king.
Tie for second place
99 Shatner and two really good KH/DW’s (One of them is converted one isn’t)
Few raw KH’s can come close to the best anymore. The hair/hairline on those almost always need a good fix. I think the bar has really been raised.

I’ve even seen a couple really good Warlocks.

H1: Nightmare or 75k done up by AHG
H2: KH/DW (Early copy) or Nightmare

IMO H1 has to be Mint75/JC H2 for me is Warlock Heavy Duty weathering

H1-75k or H78 JC :drinkers:
H2- 99 shat jc or KH/DW :rock:

My wife’s opinion:

H-1 ---------> SECOND STAB
H-2 ---------> CGP Nemesis ( :laughing: She really loves the Nemie…)

My opinion:

H-1 ---------> NAG/JC 75 K ( especially Jim’s “TheShape1188” & James’ “Caleb Croft” copies)
H-2 ---------> NAG/JC 75 K ( your copy, Jon!!)

the best h1 in my opinion is a h78 finished up by jc,the the best h2 in my opinion is the new 2011 warlocks!.