Best Halloween 5 mask?

Sorry, I’m basically a complete Myers mask amateur. What’s the general consensus regarding the best Halloween 5 mask? Is TOTS considered the best available, or are any of the boutique makers putting out something that’s more screen accurtate?
I’ve only ever seen the TOTS H5 mask in photos/video, and I still can’t make up my mind if it’s close or not :smiley: (although I think their H4 is pretty perfect).

In my personal opinion nitram revenge of the fifth is the only way to go

Wow, that’s incredible. Thanks for the brilliant photos. I just checked out a few videos of the mask on YouTube, it looks a hundred times more screen accurate than TOTS.

No problem, yea it’s definitely pretty screen accurate, so accurate that shout factory used it for the image on the newest cover of the halloween 5 4k release

Yeah to be honest the tots h5 isn’t really accurate. I find that the nose and mouth are too small. The paint job is also pretty bad. Also the hair on mine is terrible. I don’t know if they since changed the hair they use but it’s like a cheap shiny wig hair.

If you can find one, KNB mold