Best Halloween Ending

What is your favorite ending to any Halloween movie?
if I were to rank them:

  1. Halloween II 1981 (It’s time Michael…) :rock:
  2. Halloween H2O (Resurrection doesn’t exist) :cry:
  3. Halloween IV :open_mouth:
  4. Halloween 1978 :astonished:
  5. Halloween 2007 :sunglasses:
    Now Least Favorite
  6. Halloween 666 :question:
  7. Halloween II 2009 :confused:
  8. Halloween V :neutral_face:

To me Halloween 6 : The Curse Of Michael Myers. Not tv, producers or directors cut. Original released Halloween 6. That screaming at the end should be Michaels scream and not Loomises as it is shown in dir. and prod. cut. And mask laying on the floor :open_mouth: :rock:

Halloween (1978), hands down.
That ending is classic!

Halloween 1978 hands down the best ending in the franchise for me,knowing he was still out there stalking/lurking could be in your town could be in my town :mrgreen: i was only 7 when i seen that movie and i believed he was actually out there for real :laughing: and the way it ends showing all the locations where we had seen the shape and clever stuff again to do that,it was clips from scenes that were just added and cut before a Character/Actor entered the frame,what a way to finish off an absolute Masterpiece of a Horror movie.

No doubt, Halloween 2 (1981). Unbelievable ending!

The original Halloween. Hands down. One of the best horror movie endings in history. Shots him off the balcony looks down he is gone and still on the lose and the movie ends. After seeing this movie as kid you are still looking under your bed in your closet and everywhere else because he is still on the loose. :laughing:

The breathing sounds, Loomis’ expression, Laurie’s crying and the whole non-ending of it all. Truly frightening.

My personal favourite. This isn’t the typical slasher you’d expected. This film packs a twist that placed it far above the fast-growing Friday and Nightmare films. Donald Pleasence’s truly shocked reaction still scares me to this day, as does little Danielle standing at the top of the stairs, truly evil.

Michael goes out with a bang. It just seems like such a powerful scene that somehow manages to not be tacky in it’s execution.

The film was fun up until the end, where it just made me go D:

True balls, even if they did film an alternate ending where he escapes.


The opening couple of minutes up until Laurie’s death showed promise, even if Michael needlessly beheaded a guy. The ending in the coroner’s room was great, truly awesome, especially with the burnt mask. Much better than the original ending of a hand coming out of a sewer manhole, which looked stupidly straight to DVD ass (like the entire film overall). If the film was better, this ending would be below Halloween 4 as my second fave.


Despite the silliness of Michael sitting calmly in a feeble prison cell, the performance of Danielle Harris, roaming the corridors of the police station really make this ending much better than the 100% crap it could’ve been.


Included it because it’s drastically different. I think personally that the Producer’s Cut is the worst film of the original series, it tries too hard to add plot whereas the theatrical cut hands you the plot and some smoothness and pacing that it needed. The idea of Michael roaming around with a mad Loomis as his master was very very contrived, and wouldn’t have worked at all (maybe they could’ve made Michael masterless, and Loomis kill himself? Returning to the H1 roots?). But the image of Donald Pleasence screaming in a horrible, toe curling way is scary as hell, and he manages to add some credibility to a scene that was drowning in story and plot ideas.


After the awesome (yes, awesome, I really like it) pipe bashing scene, Loomis says goodbye to the heroes. This would’ve been a great scene, as Loomis enters the building, a cut to black. Mysterious and unanswered, like the original, it could’ve been one of the best endings of the series and one of the best films. But adding the bad, out of continuity shot of Michael’s now clean mask and a syringe, and Donald’s scream just didn’t make sense and was an obvious struggle at a twist ending. Less is more guys, less is more.


Whatever tension he built up at the end of the first film is killed, and the film doesn’t last beyond the screen because of all the different endings’ bad direction and writing. Same goes for Halloween II. The (again multiple) endings don’t make any sense, the film stopped being a Halloween film a long time ago and it’s become a psuedo action film with a head trip ending. It’s not that I’m comparing Zombie’s ‘vision’ to the other Halloween films, it’s just that they’re not even horror by the final act, they’re just Zombie struggling to bring an idea to a close. His Halloween films should’ve been something original, they’re great films on their own, but not with the characters and name of the series.

The original Halloween easily.

The look on Loomis’ face, the reaction of Laurie and the ending of showing HE could be ANYWHERE!

We’ve all seen the ending countless times but if you think back to the first time you saw that ending…WOW! Even knowing what’s going to happen after countless repeated viewings it still grabs you.

Classic and unparalleled.

Gotta go with the original H1 ending with H6 (theatrical) in second. Loomis’ scream is just shrieking!

My thoughts exactly! :drinkers:

I second that too James,i get the same feeling still to this day everytime i watch it!!

My favorites in order:

Halloween (Still chilling after all these years.)
Halloween III (See above.)
Halloween II (2009) (The director’s cut ending is the ONLY ending in my opinion. Perfect end to Zombie’s tragedy.)
Halloween 4 (Awesome twist. Nobody saw that coming.)
Halloween: H20 (Laurie finally gets closure, no matter what Resurrection says :wink: )
Halloween (2007) (I like the original ending better, but the final ending is still pretty good and a great lead-in to Zombie’s Halloween II)
Halloween 6 (Producer’s Cut) (Not fond of the film itself, but there’s no denying that this ending packs a punch.)
Halloween 5 (crap film, but the ending is the best part about it)
Halloween II (Well, it has an ending at least.)
Halloween 6 (Ooo, a mask and a syringe on the floor. Scary! :unamused: )
Halloween: Resurrection (Ooo, he opens his eyes. Scary! :unamused: )

I am only gonna choose one and H2 get’s my vote. The shot of Loomis holding the lighter and right after the explosion and Michael walking covered in flames from head to toe does it for me :sunglasses: :rock:


Halloween for the same reason many of you have already stated
Halloween H20 Twenty years after he tried to kill her, Laurie Strode finally gets revenge what a great way to end the franchise (Resurrection doesn’t exist :slight_smile: )
Halloween 4 The twist at the end was great
Halloween 2 “Michael, its time” BOOM! love it!
Halloween 5 The ending was the best part of the movie because it was finally over haha
Halloween 6 see my answer above lol

H1(1978) No contest in my opinion. How can that ever be topped? :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: -tom.

H1: despite being numb to some bits after countless viewings it always the MAJOR payoff. :sunglasses:
H2: GREAT ENDING but the H1 ending was open ended and was the end of Carpenter’s original story. :smiley:
H20: Michael’s head goes flying and the theme reprises with Laurie at peace with her need for vengence! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:
H5: Leaves you going, aw man what’s gonna happen next!!!?? :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:
H4: Leaves you going , AWWW MAn what’s gonna happen next??!!(sorry this here due to weak michael “death”) :astonished:
H3: Corny as heck but leave’s me wanting to see what happens! :neutral_face: :slight_smile:

H6: too many alternate versions and the theatrical makes no sense that’s for sure (AAAAGHHHHGGggghh…) :confused:
REZUR: …No. :imp:
RZH1: Michael and I’s head really hurts now. :cry::slight_smile:
RZH1: have not seen it so this is obligatory :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

Absolutely. Then after all that they show you a montage with Michael breathing in the back ground. Most Horror movies have stupid endings that make you go " Aww come on man". But Halloween (1978) was just flat out brilliant.

I love the original and Halloween II’s endings ALMOST equally.Bottom-line for me…I absolutely have to go with the original 1978 John Carpenter classic.Donald Pleasance just puts the cherry on top so,so well.He was an amazing man.

Just saw this after my reply and I wanted to add a huge AMEN!!

Aside from the obvious I & II - I’m gonna have to say III & IV as well :drinkers: