Best mask/blank for an H2?

Hey guys, got a bunch of mohair and paint ready to start on new masks! For this next one I want to do an H2. Trouble is, not sure what mask to go with?

On Ebay I have a few blank options:

Do I go with the MM78 V2 blank (I hear the eyeholes are hard to cut and the chin is a bit weird to me)

Or the CGP 2003 Killing Machine blank? (It’s got the sculpt but it’s also easy to see how CGP improved on the Warlock)

Or for TOTS should I get a Boogeyman mask and just try to do the Warlock stuffing?

Curious to know what you guys will think! I know it’s a bit subjective overall, but hey, any input is welcome!

I would go for the H2SM by Rowland Kelly!

He offers blanks to paint up?


How can I contact him?

Facebook Messenger

I’ll give him a message, hope for the best! Hopefully a blank won’t break my bank! Mask does look good!

It won’t break your back! The blanks are priced well!

Yeah that one or a Dp 99 from Perks

Where could I get a DP 99 blank from him for future reference?

Darren Perks on Facebook

I sincerely appreciate all this. I’m always anxious about messaging people given there is some wild history in this mask stuff but I just wanna practice my skills and make cool stuff

there’s a lot of wonderful people in this hobby, so don’t hesistate to reach out!

Do you know if WMP is easy to ask for painting advice cuz I love his H6 paintjobs!

Feel free to ask him!